Breakfast for the Nuggets <3


I love my family ❤ & I love cooking so sometimes when I'm feeling the urge I try to spoil my little nugget family with something special from the kitchen

These little snowmen pancakes were so easy and so adorable ❤


Little Pancakes 3 per Snowman
Whip Cream

Maybe a little extra time in the kitchen- but your kiddos will enjoy it!!!



Our Ice Age Dino Dig




I seen something very similar to this and had to let my little guy do this- What an incredible time He had!

There was some prep to this but it was so worth it!!


– Plastic Freezable Bowl
– Food Coloring
– Water
– Glitter
– 2 Bunches of Artificial Flowers
– Bag of little Dino’s
– Large Shallow Basin

His Tools consisted of:

A spoon
A toddler knife
Squirt bottles of coloured water
Coloured Salt( Table Salt shook with 2 drops of food Coloring)

So it’s really pretty easy. You start by freezing your Dino iceberg in layers, a drop or two of color, some sparkles a few pieces of the plants and then a couple Dino’s. I did mine in about four layers. It took about 24 hours of prep… Just for the block to freeze.

My son was SOOOO excited to get started. I laid out a towel on the floor, Placed his iceberg in the basin and placed it on the towel, Handed him his tools and the Dig commenced! He picked and poked and used his salts to help melt the ice…. He loved the water bottles…I had to refill his bottles a few times but besides that it was about 1.5 hours of good times and excitement for him. We will be doing this again sometime soon for sure!!

Stay tuned for our next Dino Dig adventure… This time in DIY Fossilized Eggs 🙂